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July 2023 – GB Veterans Magazine Article

June 2023 – Honoured by England Squash Masters – Announcement by the England Squash Masters chairman Stuart hardy



World Masters 2006 – with Chris Stahl

World Masters Squash 2006 Champion Men O65

World Masters Sheffield 2012

World Masters 2012 Sheffield – with ex World Champion Brian Phillips

World Masters Hong Kong 2104

World Masters 1999 Sheffield – lost in quarter final – stuffed by John Perrot

As an addendum Wright had the pleasure of playing Mo Khaifah 4 times in subsequent years – in the 1st and only Grand Prix Wright lost 3-2 at Wolverhampton in 2008 – Mo went on to beat Bradley and Clemson to win – In a British Open semi-final in London prior – this did lead to Wright’s 1st England selection in 1998, he also lost to Khalifah 3-1 – revenge came in 2012 at the World Championships when Wright won () and the British Open in London in 2015 () – so 2 all – a fine player and a nice Egyption

Eye Injury World Masters Semi-final – Cologne 2010 – South African a….. cross courting across the tee – should have been disqualified. But then he would not have lost to Brit Chris Ansell in the final, as I was in hospital.

Dave Hardern and I with ex Kegworth and Worlds NO 2 Peter Marshal, mum and son. British Open Colets 2018
With Alison Goy Sheffield 2012

World Masters 2016 – Johanesburg

Peter Ratcliffe – Ex SAS RSM Johannesburg 2016

World Masters 2016 – Johanesburg

English Masters Chairman Martin Pearse rounds up the England players performance …
England Squash Masters proved yet again that they are the top Masters Nation in the World when they easily won the medals table in the World Masters Squash Championship in Johannesburg, South Africa.
England, with only 52 entrants – 80% of the top players did not travel – claimed 6 Gold Medals, 9 Silver and 3 Bronze, whilst host Nation South Africa, with well over 600 entrants and players in 10 finals, came away with just 3 Golds , 7 Silvers and 8 Bronzes.
Third was Australia with two Golds and two silvers and fourth were the USA and Ireland with two Golds each.
The inaugural Nations Cup was won by South Africa, but Masters Spokesman Robert Smith commented:
“As in cricket, where few can understand the Duckworth Lewis scoring method, the same analogy applies to the make up of how this Nations Cup decision was reached, in effect including all last 16 players contributing to a points based system.
“Be that as it may, we are proud yet again, to be the no 1 Masters Nation, not withstanding that many of our top players decided not to travel due to altitude and safety fears.”
Gold Winners
MO45 Nick Taylor, WO55 Karen Hume, WO60 Julie Field, WO70 Ann ManleyMO75 Adrian Wright, MO80
Malcolm Gilhan
Silver Medallists
WO35 Lauren Briggs, WO45 Andrea Santamaria, MO50 Yawar Abbas, WO55 Jill Campion, MO65 Ian Graham, M070 Guy Davies, WO70 Bett Dryhurst, MO80 John Woodliffe
Bronze Medallists
WO50 Zoe Durbach, MO70 Martin Pearse, MO80 Lance Kinder
Final Johanesburg 2016 – v Desmond Sacco
GB Vets Tour South Africa 2002
GB Vets Tour South Africa 2002 – Dave Hardern, Martin Pearse, Trevor Wilkinson, John Perrott
GB Vets Tour South Africa 2003
Derby League Cup Winners 2015