Teams Note

Teams Note:

The teams listed on the Teams Sheet are the names provided by your country to date. They are not necessarily  in merit order.

You could greatly assist in getting the Session sheets on the board, if you could print and return the nomination sheet with your Merit order for the weekend, and the Order of play for session 1, prior to arriving in Nottingham. Or at least  fill it in  a.s.a.p. when you arrive at  Nottingham so that you can hand in at the reception desk behind court 10.

You will be able to change  any nominations up to ½ hr before start of play.

You might also wish to print any other elevant information to show your team members, but all the information here will be shown on the board/wall at the rear of court 10.

Thank you for cooperation.

                                                                         Click HERE for the current Team List